Total Guitar Setup is Live!

Guitarists take note!

A good friend of mine has just launched his “Total Guitar Setup” site.

For those who may not be aware, a guitar's setup is defined as the process used to adjust the instrument to it's optimum performance.  To be clear, we're not talking about the player's performance, but the instrument's.

Even brand new guitars, as originally shipped from the manufacturer, are not adjusted properly. With Total Guitar Setup, you'll have the information at hand that will enable you to ensure your axe is setup correctly.

Uncle Randy will guide you through:

1. how to check the guitar neck for straightness – if you buy a guitar with a neck that is not straight, you'll be wasting your money

2. how to adjust the truss rod and climate considerations you must take into account

3. how to adjust string height

4. how to adjust your guitar's intonation sweet spot (even my classic Fender Jaguar has suffered from this anomaly for years!)

5. how to adjust your whammy bar (aka sway or tremolo bar)

6. how to adjust your pickups

7. how to adjust and maintain your tuning pegs

8. how to re-string your guitar the right way and string considerations

9. all about picks – different types and finding your preference

10. speakers and cabinets, mono and stereo setups

11. cable and strap considerations

and more, like his private Forum access where subscribers to his Total Guitar Setup tutorial can congregate and get answers to their most pressing problems.

So if you are at all serious about your playing, and want to make sure your guitar is delivering at it's peak performance, you need to check out this fantastic new resource.

 p.s. Uncle Randy is offering a free chapter that explains all the tools you will need to make all adjustments on your guitar.  Why is he doing this?  He simply wants to give you a complete example of  what you can expect from his quality tutorial before you buy the full edition of “Total Guitar Setup” at the amazing price of $9.89!