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Start Your 2018 Email Campaigns the Right Way

You can virtually establish your email campaign beach head with an extraordinary cost-free front-end to AWS-SES (that's Amazon's Simple Email Service). SES is moderately difficult to setup, and the cost-free front-end will clearly guide you through every step of the process. At the end of your efforts, you'll have an email delivery system that will deliver 2,500 emails per month at no cost.


Did I mention that you'll also have access to some snazzy html templates and the ability to establish an autoresponder sequence?

Guess it's time to build that email list, because the cost to establish your email campaigns is no longer a concern!

Start Off 2018 with This Unique Buyers’ Group

This is a unique community of like-minded individuals who are banding together to magnify their online purchasing power.


Happy New Year!

This Website Name Says It All

Hey, I love being brief and to the point.


SERPed.net – Not all SEO Tools are Created Equal

I've been following one of the most successful online entrepreneurs for a couple of years.  His name is Matthew Woodward and he has always been a straight-shooter.

Matthew has just given me a heads-up about SERPed, which is a huge SEO tool that should be in your arsenal if you are serious about maximizing your visibility on the Internet.

The features contained in this tool are way too numerous to even summarize here.  If SEO means anything to you, you should click over to the FULL, and I do mean FULL, explanation of SERPed's functionality.  (He's also giving away 3 Ultimate SEO packages of SERPed, so clicking over might be worth your while)!!