Do You Use Amazon Coupons?

Even though I’m a frequent Amazon shopper,  I wasn’t aware of their convenient, product-specific savings coupons.

When you arrive at you’ll see many multi-colored buttons in each of Amazon’s major categories.  When you click on a category, you’ll immediately be presented with up to 99 coupons that will save you money.

In fact, the top-most button will present you with free MP3 downloads!


Susan Lane’s Gallery of Fine Art

Although, at first, you might probably declare me to be very partial to my wife’s artistic abilities, believe me that there’s no “hidden agenda” behind my recommending her on-line art gallery.  It won’t cost you a thing to swing by and view her oil paintings:

You’ll especially like her works if you enjoy true, modern realism.  Trust me.

Top-10 Best Selling Products at Amazon

Did you know that you can see the Top-10 best selling products IN EVERY MAJOR AMAZON CATEGORY?

The categories updated every month, so bookmark the site and mark your calendar to stop by every 30 days.

PLUS, on the main landing page you’ll find discount coupons and daily/hourly deals from Amazon.

Save time, energy, taxes.

Where? Top 10  OR

The Internet Tax Man is Coming Soon

The practice of not charging any sales tax to out-of-state, online purchasers may come to a screeching halt very soon.  There is current legislation in Congress which will impose an across the board tax on all internet transactions.

Because of the need to raise revenues and at the same time “level the playing field” for the bricks and mortar businesses competing with online retailers, I think this measure will likely pass and pass with bi-partisan support.

So prepare by making sure your checkout processes are capable of imposing a tax on all transactions, and that you keep good records for filing your sales and use taxes.

For internet buyers, I recommend that if you’ve been delaying purchase of any big ticket items, you consider purchasing them before the law goes into effect, or at the very least, keeping a close eye on what Congress is doing and then making the purchase before any tax law changes are implemented.

Here are two relevant links that further explain the situation:

Just a word to the wise!

Donald E. Lee’s Fine Art Gallery

At Donald Lee Fine Art you won’t find any MLM activity.  It is purely a visual gallery of the maritime, still life and portrait oil paintings by one of Baltimore’s finest painters of realism.

So if you are in the mood to glance through some beautiful art works, please stop in.

If you see something of particular interest, feel free to leave a comment or two.  Please be aware that in order to eliminate inappropriate or spammy comments, all comments are held for moderation before display.

Enjoy your visit!

Guitarists — Take Note!

Total Guitar Setup is Live!

Guitarists take note!

A good friend of mine has just launched his “Total Guitar Setup” site.

For those who may not be aware, a guitar’s setup is defined as the process used to adjust the instrument to it’s optimum performance.  To be clear, we’re not talking about the player’s performance, but the instrument’s.

Even brand new guitars, as originally shipped from the manufacturer, are not adjusted properly. With Total Guitar Setup, you’ll have the information at hand that will enable you to ensure your axe is setup correctly.

Uncle Randy will guide you through:

1. how to check the guitar neck for straightness – if you buy a guitar with a neck that is not straight, you’ll be wasting your money

2. how to adjust the truss rod and climate considerations you must take into account

3. how to adjust string height

4. how to adjust your guitar’s intonation sweet spot (even my classic Fender Jaguar has suffered from this anomaly for years!)

5. how to adjust your whammy bar (aka sway or tremolo bar)

6. how to adjust your pickups

7. how to adjust and maintain your tuning pegs

8. how to re-string your guitar the right way and string considerations

9. all about picks – different types and finding your preference

10. speakers and cabinets, mono and stereo setups

11. cable and strap considerations

and more, like his private Forum access where subscribers to his Total Guitar Setup tutorial can congregate and get answers to their most pressing problems.

So if you are at all serious about your playing, and want to make sure your guitar is delivering at it’s peak performance, you need to check out this fantastic new resource.

 p.s. Uncle Randy is offering a free chapter that explains all the tools you will need to make all adjustments on your guitar.  Why is he doing this?  He simply wants to give you a complete example of  what you can expect from his quality tutorial before you buy the full edition of “Total Guitar Setup” at the amazing price of $9.89!

List Builder for WordPress that is free and fully functional

Hi Folks,

In advance of Halloween, we’ve got a treat for you.  If you’ve ever wanted a list builder for your WordPress blog, but you couldn’t afford a professional plugin, your wait is finally over.

This WP list builder  is entirely free.  Although it’s a “lite” version, it is a fully functional list builder that’s ready to be uploaded and activated to your WP installation.

Free WP List Builder

 Click on the banner above to snag your WordPress plugin at virtually no cost!

It has been a very busy day here at

Little did I realize when I awoke this morning just how busy a day it would be at

First, I’m putting some finishing touches on the integration of RRSS into a new site that deals with setting up your guitar (  While the entire site still isn’t quite ready for prime time, I’m very proud of the direction it is taking.  It seems that just when you think its design is ready, something new comes along, and today was no exception to say the least!

First, Welly Mulia launched his first version of Premium List Magnet, which blows the doors off of ANY email list gathering/management system released to the public to-date.  Not only does it integrate easily into any WordPress blog, but it also generates HTML for integration into any HTML compliant website.  Welly has outdone himself with this software that slices and dices just about every type of user-definable popup that can be used to garner an avid list of followers.  I could easily go on and on, but would not be able to even scratch the surface of what his software accomplishes.  Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to score this piece of art while it is still priced (until September 2nd) at a ridiculously low price of $27.  Unbelievable.  I’ve yet to integrate it tastefully into Total Guitar Setup, but will be doing so at the first opportunity — after giving the integration some thought in advance.

Imagine my surprise when I also discovered, by serendipity, that Blair Williams (he’s the guy who developed Pretty Link), had also launched his latest software, Affiliate Royale.  Having used Blair’s software over the last year, I immediately jumped on board his offer, which it currently priced at $85, and can be used on unlimited domains.

IMHO, Affiliate Royale may well be the affiliate software for the masses in that it strips away the overly complicated process of integrating a complete affiliate solution into any WordPress site and renders a payment solution & affiliate management a total walk in the park.  Lean and to-the-point, anyone is now capable of deploying a complete affiliate program into their WordPress product sales and/or membership site — easily and without the headaches.

Now I’m faced with deciding which to integrate first into Total Guitar Setup.  I’m leaning toward working with Blair’s solution first and then cleaning things up with some tastefully deployed list management overlays thanks to Welly.

My honest advice is for you to check out these offers while they are in their infancy and the introductory prices are available.  I guarantee you that you’ll be happy with the results, and I also guarantee you that if you wait, you’ll pay a lot more for both of these outstanding products.



A New WordPress RSS Plugin Built for SEO Results

I just discovered a great little WordPress RSS plugin.


(and so should you, so take a moment to check out this superb replacement to the WordPress RSS plugin)


If you do any blogging with WordPress, you owe it to yourself to check out this WordPress RSS plugin, because it not only offers targeted content for your readers, but it also enhances your SEO at the same time.

Wordpress RSS plugin for related content to posts and pages
In a nutshell, this WordPress RSS plugin will enable the embedding of multiple RSS feeds into your blog(s).  Each page of your blog can now employ a separate and distinct RSS feed that’s driven off of a tag word you specify.  The advantage?  With more feeds tied directly to your page content, and with less duplicated content across multiple pages of your blog, you’ll enjoy enhanced SEO rankings!

Once I saw this WordPress RSS plugin in action, I started to integrate it on my own sites — like right here at Superlaware and Total Guitar Setup.  It turns out that it works very nicely with the Socrates theme — that I use on this blog — or any other WordPress theme for that matter, because it is a universal widget.

I encourage you to at least go see how this WordPress RSS plugin works and what it does on the short 7 minute video here:

If Google’s Panda update dropped your site rankings, it could be because your posts and pages are getting stale or have untargeted content.

If so, this novel, new WordPress RSS plugin will fix that for you.

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